McGregor/Mayweather: What McGregor Win Means for Future of Boxing

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather on August 26th may be the most hyped, anticipated, financially significant boxing match of this lifetime. The fight will cost $99.95 on pay per view and Forbes estimates that Mayweather could make as much as $400M while McGregor could make $127M. But major questions about McGregor’s boxing skills from supposed sparring partners leave doubts that this fight will even be competitive. However, should McGregor pull the upset, this fight could have major implications on boxing’s relevancy in the future. Boxers would lose substantial credibility while UFC fighters immediately seem like the ultimate badasses.

McGregor and Mayweather have been on a worldwide tour over the past several weeks building hype surrounding their pending bout. So far, I’d say that McGregor has dominated Mayweather in the trash-talking department, calling him a “peanut head”, accusing Mayweather of not knowing how to read, and running and tip-toeing around during fights. He also poked fun at Mayweather and his ridiculous spending habits like having too many meathead bodyguards and opening a new Vegas strip club. And for my personal favorite, McGregor wore an all-time great suit with the pinstripes repeatedly saying “f*** you”, as pictured below. Mayweather’s only viable comeback has been calling McGregor a “$3 million fighter” which obviously will drastically change after this fight, and when McGregor defends his title in the octagon later in the year for UFC.


Will I pay $99.95 to watch this fight? You bet your ass I will. Do I expect this fight to be even close? No sir.

I will be placing a sizeable bet on Mayweather winning this fight. McGregor has never been in a boxing match before while one could make the argument that Floyd is the greatest boxer of all time. Everything that McGregor does to excel in the octagon is off limits in a boxing match. The style and strategy involved is also drastically different.

McGregor reportedly sucks at boxing. 

McGregor has apparently been getting knocked out in sparring matches while training for this fight. In sparring sessions, boxers use 14 oz gloves to reduce the impact of the blows to both fighters, making KOs more difficult. In a real boxing match, boxers use 10 oz gloves, heightening the blow of each punch. In an interview with Villianfy Media, Jessie Vargas is quoted around the 2:05 mark confirming that McGregor has been getting knocked out while sparring (link below). Another former sparring partner with McGregor, Chris Van Heerden, a 29-year-old welterweight fighter, claims that McGregor “won’t land a single punch on Mayweather” and that he has been very unimpressed with McGregor’s boxing skills. These sentiments of doubt are echoed by most boxing experts making me think this fight is going to be an absolute blowout.

With that being said, there still is that slight chance of McGregor pulling a stunning upset. Should that happen, I think the boxing world is completely flipped upside down. Boxing would be delegitimatized and UFC would take over as the kings of the fighting industry. I cannot see a scenario where people would really take boxing seriously again. If boxing tried to sell a fight as the battle for greatest fighter on earth, who would believe that? People, myself included, would think that any UFC fighter could train for 6 months and take the boxer down no problem. And to further this point, I don’t think anyone would give Mayweather a fighting chance in the octagon with McGregor no matter how long Mayweather had to train.

The UFC has consistently been gaining on boxing in terms of popularity for quite some time now, and a McGregor upset of Mayweather would be, in my opinion, the tipping point to where the UFC completely overtakes boxing in terms of popularity and never looks back. Boxing would become a dying industry should McGregor pull this upset. Mayweather and boxing have much more to lose in this fight than McGregor. For boxing’s sake, let’s hope Mayweather shows up in primetime like he has done so many times throughout the course of his illustrious career.

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